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Shared office space is becoming a hype for small to medium-sized businesses. It’s not just cost-effective but also serves a great deal for those just starting in the field. Additionally, it has become a haven for freelancers who seek a productive and serene environment, as opposed to coffee shops or homes that may be full of distractions.

A shared office space, or for some, a coworking space, becomes an integral part of the routine for freelancers or digital nomads. For a company like Ucommune, at SGD30/day, one can avail of a day pass in a coworking space setting. Imagine, for 8 hours, you can accomplish much without spending a lot since there’s already complimentary coffee that can awaken your soul. Going to a coffee shop requires you to purchase something every now and then to occupy the same space you’re using. With chatty people around, it’s not impossible for you to get distracted. This may be true in a shared office space, but then, people are aware that it’s a place for productivity, unlike coffee shops, which are really more for catching up with someone you know or meeting prospects.

  1. Low Cost — You don’t need to spend much if you’re just starting out, especially in a business setting, as everything is already set up for you. All you need to do is find your perfect spot and do your thing. Internet, electricity, devices are readily available for your use, compared to if you’re renting a space where you need to think about monthly internet costs, electricity, the peripherals you need, and so on.
  2. Networking — A coworking space has become a hub for professionals alike. It’s a good place to connect and share thoughts during breaks or just expand your connections for whatever they may serve you in the long run.
  3. Fast and Reliable Internet Speed — Shared office spaces always provide fast and reliable internet speed as they need to cater to all their clients, especially those who are into conference calls or virtual meetings. Rest assured, there will always be a backup if one provider goes down. In a home setting, only a few can afford to have 2 internet service providers just to ensure that they’re always connected.
  4. Increased Productivity — With the green aesthetics, lighting, coworking spaces give attention to this as they want people to get the best out of their productivity period. The sitting arrangements are well thought out to ensure that even if there are people around, you can still have your spot where you can focus and just bring the ball in.
  5. Comfort — Just like at home, furniture is designed to ensure comfort as you study or work for optimum productivity. Some coworking spaces offer complimentary snacks to boost your day or energize you whenever you find yourself starting to slack off. Also, there are some shared office spaces that offer a good veranda or a place to unwind when things become stressful and you just need a break to breathe fresh air.

Ucommune — One of the Go-To Places

Ucommune, a shared office space , has 4 locations that are strategically located in Singapore:

  1. Ucommune Bugis Junction — The UCommune Coworking Space at Bugis Junction sits at the centre of Singapore’s famous cultural area. Ideal for startups and busy entrepreneurs, this spot is perfectly placed in the city center, allowing easy access to business meetings, favorite food & beverage spots, and fitness centers. With its stunning views and the amenities of a contemporary office, UCommune Bugis Junction offers the perfect backdrop to spark big ideas and work without constraints.

2. Ucommune LaunchPad — Nestled close to the National University of Singapore (NUS), positioning it as the prime choice for R&D and high-tech enterprises. Catering to energetic self-starters and astute entrepreneurs, this venue is a hub for networking with other vibrant professionals, investors, and business moguls. It’s an environment designed for fostering big ambitions with its beautiful workspaces, state-of-the-art meeting rooms, and private discussion nooks. Boasting essential amenities and a robust network of professionals, UCommune LaunchPad@one-north creates a dynamic and supportive coworking space that encourages its members to work efficiently, engage socially, and collaborate effectively. With a focus on comfort, collaboration, and innovation, it sets the stage for taking your business ambitions to unprecedented levels.

3. Ucommune Prudential Tower — Prudential Tower stands prominently in the core of Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD) at Raffles Place, marking itself as a notable landmark. Positioned near the Singapore Stock Exchange, it finds itself surrounded by key financial, banking, and governmental establishments. The tower benefits from easy access, thanks to covered walkways leading to Raffles Place and Telok Ayer MRT stations, along with a brief stroll to a wide array of food & beverage options and various amenities. This prime location makes it highly appealing to both multinational corporations and burgeoning startups alike.

4. Ucommune Suntec — Arriving at work becomes effortlessly simple at UCommune Suntec City, with its direct links to four major MRT lines and its strategic location adjacent to a vast convention center. Choose a hotdesk at Suntec City to place yourself at the heart of the action. Our UCommune coworking space is meticulously designed to accommodate various work styles and businesses, offering both a vibrant shared office environment and sophisticated private offices and meeting rooms.

The Cool Perks:

Membership grants exclusive access to an expansive lounge, outfitted with amenities such as a massage chair, pool table, and an entertaining game area. Uniquely available at UCommune Suntec City, members have the luxury of taking a midday swimming break or booking the tennis courts for a serve-and-volley session without ever needing to step outside the building.

The Parting Shot

In conclusion, shared office spaces like UCommune are not just a trend but a transformative shift in the way we approach work and productivity. They offer an unparalleled blend of flexibility, cost efficiency, networking opportunities, and a suite of amenities designed to cater to the modern professional’s needs. Whether you’re a freelancer seeking tranquility away from the chaos of coffee shops and home distractions, or a burgeoning startup in need of a dynamic environment to fuel your growth, coworking spaces provide the ideal ecosystem to thrive. As we embrace the future of work, the role of shared office spaces becomes increasingly central to fostering a productive, connected, and balanced work life.

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